The Sacrament Of Holy Matrimony
Greek-Melkite Bishops Offer to Help in Dialogue With Islam
Le prix UNESCO de l'éducation pour la paix 2003 est attribué au Père Emile Shoufani (Israel)
Tribute to Bishop Sleiman Hajjar
Former Patriarch Maximus V Hakim dies at 93
Eulogy for His Beatitude Maximos V Hakim (1908-2001)
Address of John Paul II To The Melkite Greek Catholics
Warm Welcome for Pope in Syria
Japanese Buddhist Niwano Prize Goes To Palestinian Priest
Melkite Church Seeks Ecumenical Union
Melkite Patriarch Meets with Pope
New Patriarch for Melkite Greek Catholic Church
The Melkite Catholic Church In Canada
Appointment of Bishop Sleiman Hajjar
Serge Keleher, Church in the Middle: Greek-Catholics in Central and Eastern Europe
Theotokos-Mother of God
"The Melkite Messenger." Catholic Near East (July 1990)
Who are the Melkites?
Jeff Cavins' Bible Reading Plan
The Origins of Middle Eastern Arab Christianity - G. Khoury
Mutual Lifting of Excommunications between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I
Orientale Lumen (The Light of the East)
Orientale Lumen (French)
Marriage is just like winning the lottery
The Six Characteristics of Strong Families
Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?

Father Habib Kwaiter's 50 years of Holy Priesthood (1949-1999)

Archbishop Ignatius Raad (1923-1999)

Archbishop Habib Basha (1931-1999)

Archbishop Joseph E. Tawil (1913-1999)
Life of Archbishop Joseph E. Tawil. A Press Release (February 22, 1999)
The Courage to Be Ourselves. Christmas Pastoral Letter. December 25, 1970.
Article by Fr. John Azar from Joyful Light, Summer 1990.
Tribute at the 37th National Melkite Convention (1998).